You may have a new business or be getting ready to transform your existing one. You may wish to immigrate or invest in New Zealand. We match great ideas with capital, independently advising and coaching to get you investment ready or find the right partner for your capital.

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Liftoff grew from a simple idea – matching money with ideas. It can be a long and difficult process, but often it is that first step that is hardest.

We will show you the critical steps: how to keep an open mind, prepare for hard questions and then guide you on how to find the right investment, pitching your idea to the right funder from angels to banks and everything in between.

We will help you plan, create & structure, and be in your corner during negotiations. We will help you find the right people and suppliers: immigration, legal, intellectual property, marketing, finance, planning… it’s what we live and breath, to get businesses moving.

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Liftoff is a brand of Gilligan Sheppard Limited.

If you are interested in purchasing Equity Crowdfunding Limited, the company formerly known as Liftoff, please contact Kirsty Campbell of Catalyst Advisory.